Quick-changing system

Suction head quick-changing system with precise adjustment system

Switching from one brick model to another requires, in addition to replacing all working molds, changing the suction heads.

Practical and well-thought-out changing systems reduce the effort and, above all, the downtimes when changing the suction head.

Connection plates with a mechanical quick-release fastener or pneumatic clamping pots have proven their worth.

Connections for vacuum, compressed air, pneumatic cylinders, electroshock or oiling are permanently installed on the connection plate.

The various media are transferred to the suction heads via standardized connections and adapters.

Time-consuming disassembly and assembly of all connections is no longer necessary when changing the suction head.

The position of the knife box is defined and precisely adjusted using a displacement system.

The suction heads are positioned when they are installed on the press and are accessible from operator side. Employees no longer have to "climb around" on the press.

Changing frames for the suction heads or individually designed lift trucks round off practical solutions for the suction head changing process.