Plaster shop equipment

Everything from a one-stop shop!

To provide our customers with complete support in the use of plaster moulds, we offer, from the plaster mixer through to the completely equipped plaster workshop, all necessary systems and machines for the manufacturing of high quality plaster charge.

We will be happy to completely fit out your plaster shop.
From the first ideas, conceptualizing, detailed planning, design and installation of all individual components, we will be happy to stand by you and accompany you through your project as your single contact.

In this respect we can supply our own plants and systems such as our plaster preparation systems and then integrate these technically and logistically with the necessary machines of proven and known manufacturers and partners.

The development of user-friendly and practical solutions is a priority for us.
With our fully automatic vacuum plaster mixer AVM20 you can mix up to 250 l of plaster suspension per hour. Using the two-chamber transport worm, two different plaster types can be prepared to any desired recipe.

With our innovative Shaker E12, high-quality plaster mixtures can be simply produced up to a volume of 12l (optionally up to 60l can also be produced).

With our mould ejection systems GH200 and GP200 the working moulds and master moulds are gently separated from the ejected plaster. The ejection systems are suitable both for plaster casting and also for plaster pressing.

Our latest development is a fully automatic spraying system, which is completely removed from the working moulds together with the used charge. Completely equipped with appropriate mould handling and conveying systems, high pressure unit and removal transport of the plaster residue, a plant can be designed so that the greatest possible savings can be made in the plaster shop and a monotonous and hard job fully automated.