Transport gripper

Mould transporting gripper FTZ ... safe in all cases

With our mould transporting gripper there is no need to compromise between the two requirements of "practicality" and "safety", rather simple and practical handling is possible that combines adherence to the standards of the current safety instructions for lifting gear.

The integral clamping mechanism means that unwanted opening of the lifting gear is not possible: safety and danger-free mould handling is ensured.

Technical data:

  • max. bearing load: 80kg
  • Net weight: 7kg
  • Mould width: 300mm - 520mm

Possible options:
  • Straight / extended cropped leg
  • For mould carrying bushings or bolts
  • Adaptable for individual solutions

  • Standard crane or lifting gear with single crane hook
  • Mould carrying bolts or bushings on the working moulds (can also be retrofitted)

Your benefits:
  • Simple mould handling
  • With a safe and CE compliant transport gripper