Plaster spraying system

Operating principle and possible application areas:

  • Overall concept for automated mould transport, integrated mould identification and automatic spraying process
  • Automatic and mould-preserving removal of used plaster charge
  • Integrated mould transport through the spraying system
  • Automatic mould identification using RFID chips
  • Spraying program or cycle is matched to the particular mould model


Key advantages:

  • Automatic cleaning of working moulds
  • The automation of an otherwise monotone and ergonomically unfavourable (extremely noisy) work step
  • Process-reliable and residue-free removal of plaster charge
  • Gentle process, which operates at relatively low spraying pressures (under 450 bar), if correctly set
  • Low energy and water consumption, due to optimized cleaning cycles

specialst article in Zi 7/2014