To scan-in and revise existing tile outlines our scanning system is an important aid. For 10 years we have been working with an optical scanning system.

At the start of 2011 the old device was replaced with a new scanner, which has a higher precision and is equipped with a round table that can be turned through 360°.

The recording quality has improved considerably with the new device and the scanning duration is also greatly reduced using the latest device.

Loads of up to 150 kg can be supported by the rotary table, which is sufficient for even the heaviest, "historical" master moulds made from brass. The optical scanning of complete master moulds or tile surfaces has the considerable advantage that every surface contour is measured. Also areas which have, for example, been deliberately ground off are recognized and sampled as digital points.

In the subsequent preparation of new 3D CAD models, a deliberate decision can be made as to whether certain artefacts are retained or rectified.

Based on the processed 3D model, the scanned tile can be analysed and improved in CAD in respect of coverage and body strength, the stacking checked or new accessory models developed.

Also it can make sense to record the data for the documenting of old tiles or master moulds, if for example new drying supporting units or new tile cranks are to be designed.

Your benefits:
Precise and exact measuring of the actual tile outline with acceptable effort and expense for documentation or optimization of existing tile models.